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The summer heat is finally here! It’s that time of the year when you start to landscape and clean up around your home. Like other parts of your home, it’s the time to have your air conditioning unit checked up and cleaned. It’s important to do this so when you start using the unit regularly it will operate properly. Over time, dust, dirt, debris, and foliage can clog your system and cause it not to run properly.

Here are three helpful preventative maintenance tips to help your air conditioning unit run great all summer long.

1. Check and replace your filter:

  • It’s important to change most filters every month
  • Fiberglass filters typically last only one month
  • HEPA filters last up to six months (and can be cleaned with a vacuum!)
  • Look up the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value (the higher the number the better filtration it provides)
  • Replacing the filter can prolong your units life, efficiency, and help with allergens

2. Remove debris:

  • Remove the fan cage, then use a screwdriver allowing you to lift the cage or the fan grill from the top of the air conditioner. Once you do this, you can remove leaves with your hands or use a vacuum to clean other debris from the air conditioning unit.
  • Don’t allow the lawn mower grass clippings onto the AC unit
  • Debris and foliage blocks the airflow and reduces the AC’s cooling ability

3. Clear space around unit

  • While doing landscaping, clear 2 feet of space around your air conditioning unit
  • Keep space between your unit and shrubs and plants (They can affect ventilation and air flow)
  • Don’t place potted plants on top or near the condenser units  (the vibrations can cause the plants to fall off the unit and can get into your fan compartment)
  • A tip from the National Fire Protection Association says “to be fire-safe, trees must be planted at least 30 feet from the house.”

Air Conditioning Davison, MI 48423

**Safety First**

Whenever you’re cleaning your unit make sure to turn electricity off and check voltage on the unit.


Heating and Cooling

Now is also the time to schedule an air conditioning tune up. An AC unit is an investment. A tune up can help prolong the life of your AC and keep your home comfortable. To learn more about AC  Repair tune ups click here or call our office at 810-653-4328!

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