Keeping your whole house comfortable and energy efficient can be a challenge. And when you add the comfort preferences of different family members into the mix, your home can quickly turn into a patchwork of inefficiency and temperature extremes. But fear not, there is a way that you can take control of this comfort conundrum—and that is with a multi-zone HVAC system.

Zoning makes comfort control easy
Simple to use, an HVAC zoning system divides your home into separate areas, known as a “zones,” and allows you to customize the air temperature in each area. So, the environment in every room stays exactly the way you want it. Efficient and effective, the system comprises multiple Zone Controls that operate dampers within the ductwork of your central-air system. The systems constantly measure the temperature of their specific zones, and open or close the dampers according to the designated comfort settings.

See how it works:

Zoning delivers on every level:
Perfect for heating cold rooms or cooling ones that get overly hot, zoned HVAC systems maximize home comfort and minimize energy wastage. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, zoning can deliver energy savings of up to 35 percent when used with a programmable thermostat.

The ideal solution for multiple home-comfort issues:
A zoning system not only keeps your family members happy and comfortable, it can also be the perfect heating and cooling solution if you have:

  • Large windows, vaulted ceilings and glass-enclosed patio rooms
  • Uneven home temperatures
  • Rooms you seldom use
  • Rooms that feel stuffy and would benefit from constant air movement
  • A room that was added after your heating and cooling system was installed
  • A home office containing heat-producing electronic equipment
  • Noticeable hot or cold spots in your home
  • The Lennox iHarmony® Zoning System

The iHarmony® four-zone system from Lennox delivers precise temperature control from floor to floor and room to room. Each area has its own zone control, and you also have the option of adjusting each zone at the main thermostat. When taking full advantage of the innovative iComfort® Smart Thermostat, you can even adjust the temperature in any zone remotely with your smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device, adding even more convenience and comfort control.

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