Running your home on the sun’s power is a green dream that can cost a small fortune: $30,000 or more to add a whole-home photovoltaic panel system that won’t provide enough electricity to meet most of your home’s needs. Yet a more modest solution will allow you to take advantage of the sun’s power.

Simple ways to use the sun’s power
Solar tubes or tubular skylights can light small spaces if they’re installed in areas receiving several hours of direct sunlight a day. When you choose a solar-ready home comfort unit, you can pair solar power with energy from your local utility to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills while staying completely comfortable. The SunSource® Home Energy System,, available from Lennox, is the industry’s first HVAC system to integrate directly with solar power.

An alternative to traditional solar offerings
Costing far less than complete solar-powered systems, the solar-ready air conditioner or heat pump can operate in a wide range of sunlight and temperature conditions. It’s a highly reliable system designed to evenly heat and cool your entire home. The SunSource® System requires little routine maintenance and can make a positive change in both the world’s environment…and yours.

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