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Cottonwood season is officially upon us in Michigan! That means “summer snow” everywhere and horrible allergies.

Cottonwood Season

In the summer, the Cottonwood fruit capsules open and release their small seeds that are attached to cotton strands. These fluffy cotton-like seeds continuously release for about two to three weeks in the summer. The Cottonwood seeds even resemble winter snow as they pile up on the ground. The “summer snow” may look pretty at first, but they can also affect your air conditioner and your electric bill!

So how does Cottonwood Season affect your air conditioner?

Cottonwood Season

As you can see from the picture above, besides being a mess, Cottonwood seeds can clog and cause a breakdown for your air conditioning unit. One Cottonwood tree can cause hundreds of dollars in damage. During the season, they can get sucked into your air conditioner causing a clog. This clog will first cause your air conditioner to loose its efficiency. Your air conditioner will have to work twice as hard, which will cost you more money on your electricity bill.

From the outside, the clog can prevent heat from effectively leaving the air conditioner house. This can lead to an over heated compressor and replacing a compressor can be very expensive.

So what can you do to prevent this?

The key is not to wait until your air conditioner is beyond a easy repair. The simplest solution is to have your air conditioning unit professionally cleaned as soon as possible. If you have experience with air conditioners, you can take a garden hose and spray the water on the unit at a 30 degree angle to remove the excess Cottonwood seeds from the coils. Most of all make sure to be careful when cleaning the unit yourself.

If your air conditioning unit has a Cottonwood seed clog call Holland Heating and Cooling today at 810-653-4328 to have a service technician come out to professionally clean your unit for peak efficiency.



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