When it comes to choosing the right furnace filter, like anything there are always lots to choose from.  You must first ask yourself whether there is anyone living in your house who has asthma or allergies. Furnace filters for your furnace are designed to catch airborne particles that invade the air in our homes. Did you know that the air particles floating around in your home contain such contaminants as pet dander, dust, mold spores, pollen, and bacteria? Furnace air filters help maintain the air quality that is so critical to good health for you and your family.  It is only reasonable that a good quality filter will help reduce these airborne particles that cause this indoor pollution.

Furnace filters typically should be replaced every three months or even more often depending on whether you have smokers or pets in your household.   You can also purchase a more permanent furnace filter that can be removed and cleaned regularly instead of the disposable filters you find in your local hardware store. Generally, these filters are more costly initially, but you will end up saving a lot more money with the purchase of just one of these high-quality furnace air filters instead of a dozen of the others throughout the year.

Furnace filters also will reduce the annoying odors associated with cooking smells, pets and cleaning compounds used in your home.  In newer homes, the smell of paint and new materials can linger in your home for a couple of years when you first move in.  Furnace air filters will help reduce this sometimes-overpowering smell. When you purchase your filter, make sure you do your homework and remember that there are a lot of different models and sizes to choose from.  Contact Holland Heating and Cooling today for more information on which furnace filter is right for you.

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