Duct cleaning

Duct cleaning entails cleaning the various heating and cooling components of your forced-air heating system.  This includes cleaning the return and supply air ducts, grills, registers, and diffusers along with heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, and condensate drip pans and more.  When an air duct cleaning service is performed, the many parts of your heating system need to be cleaned or serviced. With air pollution on the rise, the importance of air quality both indoors and out is becoming a priority.  Proper air duct cleaning is a good way to solve indoor air quality problems.  Over time, unless you have comprehensive duct cleaning done, your heating and cooling components can become contaminated with dust, mold, pollen and other debris.  If you are an allergy- sensitive person, duct cleaning is even more important.  Of course, before you undertake a comprehensive cleaning, it is important to determine first of all if the ducts are a source of health problems.  It is also possible that the source of the problem may be elsewhere, and not this at all!

Our technicians are qualified experts in their field and can direct you to air duct cleaning specialists in your local area.  If you are especially allergic to various airborne contaminants, you are best advised to vacate your home when a duct cleaning is being performed.  Before calling the experts, check for mold growth inside hard-surface ducts and other components in your system as this may be the first indication that an air duct cleaning should be done.  Shopping online will save you time and money and just makes sense.

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