Being comfortable in your own home is extremely important. Home Comfort goes beyond just the temperature inside your home. Factors like humidity and air quality are also important!

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1. Temperature

Having a comfortable temperature in your home is all about control and maintaining the temperature that you (and your family) is most comfortable with. Outside elements can affect the temperature in your home. Drafts under a door can let heat escape or sunlight coming in through a window can increase the temperature of a room. A thermostat can aid in controlling the temperature of your home and keep you comfortable throughout any season.


2. Humidity

Humidity can have an impact on how your home comfort all around feels too! Humidity does more than most home owners realize. Humidity is water droplets that are in the air. Even though the droplets are incredibly small, they can still affect cooling responses. For example, your body cant let heat escape and cool down if the moisture has no where to go.


3.  Air Quality

If a home has unclean air, it doesn’t make you feel very good. Air impurities can irritate your eyes, nose, lungs, and can even create odors.

There are three factors that affect air quality:

1. Particles that are made up of dust, dirt, pet dander and allergens.

2. Mold and germs are small organisms that are floating in the air that thrive in dark and damp environments. Mold and germs can accelerate the affects of allergies and make your asthma worsen.

3. Chemical Vapors and odors are found in every home, which include cleaning products, deodorizers, paint, and other chemicals. Filtration can aid in removing some of these vapors and odors. Try to reduce your use of these chemicals to aid in better indoor air quality. Adding a purification system can also fight these odors to lead to cleaner, healthier air.


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