Regardless of how your system was installed, or where it was purchased, Furnace Repair Flint can and will fix it.  No matter the 


make or model, our Flint HVAC experts can help you with any need. 


It is our mission to take care of and maintain your units for perfect comfort and maximum efficiency.  You need your furnace systems running smoothly to keep you warm during the winter and our technicians are only one call away from making that possible. An abundance of things can go wrong with your furnace, from problems with the ignition mechanism to minor thermostat trouble.  Our skilled workers understand the procedures and are certified to repair your system.

Common furnace problems:

  • lack of Circulation
  • Problems in the duct system which let heat escape
  • Broken or torn coils
  • imbalanced heating throughout the house
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Ventilation blockages
  • Leaking water or oil
  • Worn or blocked filter that needs replacement
  • Loss of heating capacity
  • Flame sensor issues

We offer solutions for all your maintenance needs. A furnace should be maintained a minimum of every six months while being used. Keep in mind that furnaces combust fuel just like an engine. Keeping it in peak condition saves you money and prevents a fire from occurring in your home.  Maintenance for a furnace can be tricky, and they have many sensitive and complex parts so repairs are best left to professionals. Most manufacturers require that a furnace be serviced twice yearly to keep the warranty valid. Protect your investment for years to come by having a licensed technician inspect and maintain your furnace at the start of every cold season. Defend yourself now from unnecessary costs with routine upkeep and maintenance of your furnace.  Doing so will safeguard your coziness for the seasons in the future. We will be right there with you to answer all questions and make sure your furnace is in excellent condition.

Some of the standard work we do:

  • Inspect for leakage
  • Lubricate all mechanical parts
  • Check wire connections
  • Charge refrigerant gas
  • Thermostat checks and balancing
  • Clean coils and grills
  • Check ducts and piping

About your Furnace, Ask Our Heating Repair Flint Specialists:

Your furnace is very important in the frigid winter months. They keep you warm by using air, steam, or hot water to heat your home. The most common fuel source in the United States is natural gas, but other common sources are oil, electric, coal or wood. A burner ignites the fuel and central air furnaces then heat your home by using a fan to spread the warm air through ducts and ventilation systems. The three most important parts of a typical furnace are the burner which uses a flame to combust fuel in order to generate heat. It is important to have your burner regularly cleaned in order to maintain efficiency.  The blower uses a fan to draw air through vents and into your home.  Finally, there are the thermostat and safety devices such as the flame sensor, gas valve, pilot, ignition control, and blower control board. These safety sensors frequently need to be checked up on and even replaced. They are the number one cause of a furnace not starting or working properly. They also keep your family and home safe by preventing a deadly fire! The thermostat is the part of your furnace system you most often interact with. It allows you to save on energy bills by controlling the heating and air conditioning of your home. Many programmable thermostats are so efficient that they help you reduce on costs by logically optimizing the use of resources to heat and cool your home. You just set the thermostat and it heats and cools as necessary to keep the temperature you want. How much cans a programmable, energy efficient thermostat save you yearly? Up to 33% on older models which just run less efficiently. The placement of your thermostat can affect its effectiveness. We can install the thermostat correctly to prevent false readings or unnecessary furnace cycling. It is important to install the thermostat away from windows, breezy doorways, drafts, and skylights. Many manufacturers’ offer thermostats that let you program different profiles depending on the time of day. This can add up to big savings for you! Getting  your system ready for the winter ahead of time can be a great investment. Performing necessary maintenance and replacements will cut your energy bills and save you money! You might ask yourself, “When should my unit be replaced?” The life expectancy for most units is 8-20 years. If your unit is breaking down frequently and needs repairs all the time, it may be time to replace that unit .

There are many symptoms a unit can have that tell its time to be replaced:

  • Your furnace makes a lot of noise
  • Bills are much higher than would be expected
  • Age: Most units have a life expectancy. Once it’s done, it’s time to replace your furnace
  • Excessive dustiness and dirt

As your system grows older, it may stop working and lose effectiveness altogether. Replacing a furnace unit can be dangerous if you’re not cautious. Setting it all up can be even trickier, so let the professionals handle the workload.  Save yourself time and money. We can handle all your furnace installation needs.

Why Choose Flint Furnace Repair?

We offer furnace repair, maintenance as well as emergency services.  We provide all the services a home or business needs to maintain warmth in the winter, or even comfort all year long. We provide routine maintenance that should be performed annually. Taking care of your furnace system can help you save money by using less energy too.

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