Summer is in full swing and the 4th of July weekend is finally here! It’s likely that this weekend or summer your family will be going on a vacation.

Is your home vacation ready?

Home Vacation

As you and your family are making vacation plans its important to think about your home while you’re away. Here are a few helpful tips to prepare your home for your vacation and how to make sure it is secure and energy efficient during your vacation.


  1. Timed Lights
  • Timed lights make a house look lived in
  • Set the timers on a schedule consistent with your family’s typical activity
  • The lights going on and off at set times will make your home look like its in use


  1. House Sitter
  • Use a trusted friend or family member as a house sitter
  • Having them regularly visit will discourage crime
  • Make sure they bring in your newspaper and mail
  • Having a house sitter visiting can give you fewer things to worry about during your vacation


  1. Keep vacation details to yourself
  • We all love social media, and sharing memories from vacations, but letting everyone know you’re away can make your home a target for a potential break in
  • Save sharing vacation photos on social media sites until you’re home
  • Be aware of sharing too much information about your vacation when you are talking in a public space or on a social media site


  1. Unplug electronics
  • Many household electronics like cellphone chargers, computers, coffee makers, and televisions are still using energy when they are turned off
  • Unplug them while you’re away to save energy
  • Unplugging “Energy Vampires” can save you up to 10% on your electricity bill


  1. Heating and Cooling
  • Don’t waste energy by leaving your air conditioner on while you’re away
  • Setting your air conditioner at a higher temperature for a long period of time can save you over 30% on your energy bill
  • You can also put your thermostat on energy-efficient mode to save energy and money
  • A programmable thermostat can be adjusted to a certain date so that your home will be comfortable when you get back


With these simple tips your home vacation will be ready and you can save money while you’re away! If you have questions about energy savings or information about a programmable thermostat visit our website by clicking here.

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