We all know that we can purchase a thermostat at just about any retail store or hardware store. Did you know that if you’re not sure what type of heating and cooling system that has been installed in your home it is very likely that you will purchase the wrong type? This could become very frustrating.

One, you’ll most likely wire it wrong or even short something in heating and cooling system out. This will bring you back to square one. 2nd, TIME FOR A SERVICE TECHNICIAN. This, in turn, will cost more money do to the human nature of trying install after your able to get home from work or on a weekend. OVERTIME!!!.

Here are a couple of things you may want to do. Purchase a thermostat after you speak to your regular heating and cooling service provider and ask them to confirm what type of system is in your home.

Then, make arrangements for one of their technicians to come out during regular business hours and install it for you. This will also allow them to check your system’s operating abilities. One of our biggest mistakes is, heat or cooling not working ?! Must need a new thermostat. Not always true! If you still want to replace your own thermostat then be sure to switch off all power to your system before starting this will help reduce the possibility of shorting out your system.

A little energy saver tip for all of our heat pump customer’s. Be sure not to raise the thermostat more than 2F at a time. This will help reduce your heating cost. Why? Each time you raise the temp more than 2F it will automatically power up the aux heat strip’s for your system. The aux selection is for defrost mode or for an emergency when your heat pump isn’t warming your home. If this selection is needed you will need to call your service provider in as soon as possible. There’s a problem with your heat pump.

If for any reason they’re not about to get to you, Please Call Holland heating and cooling services.


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