Holland Heating is proud to announce that we achieved a previously unattainable milestone that has never been done before!

Home Depot Award

As a partner with Home Depot, we just received the award for being 1st place in the Midwest Region to reach one million in sales! In addition to our sales award, our customers voted us #1 for “Voice of the Customer” in the Midwest Region for the past 4 quarters.

The rating systems for the awards are based on customer satisfaction ratings. Home Depot calls Holland Heating and Cooling customers after their installation is completed. During this call, the customers rate the service and the installation they received.

Holland Heating and Cooling has Lead Generators at these Midwest locations:

We also want to give a BIG shout out to our customers, Home Depot and our employees. We thank you for all the hard work you put in! We couldn’t be the company we are today without our fantastic employees and our esteemed partnerships! We know how hard everyone works at Holland Heating and Cooling and Home Depot, THANK YOU! We also appreciate every customer who took the time to take the survey after his or her service was completed. Customer service is what we pride our company on and the feedback we receive is invaluable to make our company better.

We have worked with Home Depot for over 12 years now and we can’t thank them enough for the wonderful opportunities. We’re looking forward to another great year with Home Depot and continuing to provide high-quality service and installation. This year we may have achieved what we thought was unachievable, this has shown us that we can always dream bigger and set even more goals. We’re prepared to make 2017 our biggest year yet!

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