The summer heat continues in Michigan! Right now, it seems like it will never cool down! While temperatures continue to stay in the 90s, it’s important to keep maintaining your AC unit for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Lennox AC Unit

Here are a few simple tips to make sure that your ac runs smoothly while the summer heat continues:

Inspect and clean the exterior fins of the unit

  • Make sure the outside of your unit is free of debris and grass
  • The dirtier the fins are the harder it is for your unit to run
  • This makes your unit less efficient and will cost you more money on your electricity bills
  • To clean the fins of your AC unit, just spray them down with a garden hose

Change or clean filter every month

  • A clogged filter means decreased airflow and could cause problems for your AC unit
  • Changing your filter every month is a simple way to increase the efficiency of your AC unit and prolong the life of your unit too!

Turn your air conditioning on before it gets too hot in your home

  • Turning your air conditioning on when it gets too hot can be a big money waster
  • It can take hours to cool your home and will be constantly running to cool your house to the right temperature
  • While your gone, turn your air conditioning up 2-4 degrees. When you get home turn it back down. This will help with cost savings

Keep plants and trees two feet away from the ac unit

  • Plants, trees, and shrubberies can get sucked into your ac unit if they are planted too close
  • Keep them around two feet away to make sure they don’t cause debris or get stuck in the ac unit

At Holland Heating and Cooling, we like homeowners to be prepared. That’s why we offer  a maintenance and service tune-up plan. Our annual maintenance plans are a convenient way to make sure your air conditioner is not only going to continue working but it will also run with better efficiency than if left to fend for itself.  We will call you every time your equipment needs a refresher so that you and your family don’t have to worry about it!

For more information, click here, or call us at 810-653-4328!

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