Storms, high winds, and snow in any season can have a big impact on your home.

Every homeowner has experienced a power outage at some time. Power outages can be easily avoided, especially with back-up generators.

back-up generators

Power outages can be devastating! With your basement flooding from no sump pump power, food spoilage from a refrigerator or freezer not running, and even medical equipment, such as breathing machines and oxygen generators that cannot operate without a valid power source. An easy and automatic solution that can save you thousands of dollars the very first time you find yourself without power due to damaged electrical wires or severe storms is a natural gas powered back-up generator.

A natural gas powered generator  constantly monitors incoming voltage from the utility line. When utility power gets interrupted, the automatic transfer switch immediately senses the problem and signals the generator to start. The automatic transfer switch then safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens a new power line from the generator. Within seconds, your automatic generator system begins supplying electricity to the critical emergency circuits of your home or business. These units are  large enough to power not only a TV and a few lights, but also a refrigerator, freezer sump pump, furnace… even central air or heat. All at the same time!

A natural gas powered generator saves you time and energy. With back-up generators you no longer have to stretch out power cords, you don’t need any gasoline and you don’t have to worry about hand starting your generator.

The natural gas power back-up generators may be the answer to saving thousands of dollars worth of damage and possible health risk during a power outage. Whatever situation you and your family needs power for in an emergency situation, an automatic natural gas powered back-up generator can be your answer to saving thousands of dollars in damages and possibly even a life threatening disaster.

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