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Curious about Geothermal energy?
Geothermal energy usage started in early modern society in 1930 when it was first used to (directly) heat a home through an HVAC system. Now it’s becoming more and more common to use the earth’s energy for heating and cooling our homes and businesses. Geothermal systems in Mid-Michigan don’t use fossil fuels, extra electricity or leave a carbon footprint, which helps to protect the Ozone layer and save energy.

How does it save on energy costs?
Geothermal systems are so efficient that they can put money in your pocket, offsetting the cost of fossil fuels and other energy costs so dramatically that you end up with not only savings at the end of the month, instead, potentially returning a profit! Geothermal systems are not only used for heating and cooling, they can also be used for hot water, saving you even more money on gas or electric costs.

How Geothermal Heating Works

Geothermal heating simply pumps heat from the earth into your home. A liquid is circulated through a large loop(s) in the ground called a “ground loop”. While that liquid is traveling through the pipe buried in the ground, it absorbs the heat from the surrounding ground. That liquid then carries the heat to the heat pump, which acts similar to a refrigerator in taking that heat through a refrigerant cycle inside the heat pump and discharging it to your home heating distribution system (forced air or radiant floors).

How Geothermal Cooling Works

Geothermal cooling works the same as geothermal heating, except in reverse. Heat is taken out of the structure in the home, put into the circulating liquid inside the ground loop and absorbed into the cool earth. This “reversed” cycle is simple to switch a heat pump into using its “reversing switch”. When a ground source heat pump is in cooling mode it is functioning the same as a refrigerator, pulling heat out of the house, putting it through a refrigerant loop, and then expelling it out.

Wondering how you can afford the “up front” cost?

Holland Heating & Cooling has many financing programs to offer its customers which makes that new HVAC system affordable. In many cases, geothermal can save you money. Enough money that it can pay your financed amount for you, and potentially leave you money to spare! Contact us today to see how much you can save on your heating and cooling!

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