Reducing your energy bill can definitely help you save money. Utilities are a large monthly expense. So, how can you save on energy costs this winter?

Save on Energy Costs this winter

  1. Bundle up
    • Instead of turning your heat up for warmth, try layering your clothing, snuggle up in warm blankets or wear fuzzy socks.
  2. Use the sun
    • Use the sun’s warmth to your advantage, it’s free! Open your curtains in the winter months to bring free heat into your home. Make sure that when the sun goes down to close your curtains to keep the warmth in.
  3. Use ceiling fans
    • Ceiling fans can be used to your advantage too! Fans can help with airflow and regulate temperature. Setting your fan in the clockwise direction will trap heat inside to help keep your room warm.
  4. Adjust the thermostat
    • You can save over 10% on utility bills a year by adjusting the thermostat at night and while you’re away at work during the day. Turning the thermostat temperature down 10 degrees for around 8 hours will help save you money.
  5. Installation
    • Escaping heat in homes is a major problem for many homeowners, especially if you don’t have proper installation. A cheap and easy way to fix this problem is by weatherproofing. Start with a foam weather stripping for your doors and windows. This is a simple and cheap investment that can help with heat escaping and save you costs on your utility bill.
  6. Keep your furnace clean
    • To help reduce energy, make sure your furnace and vents are clean before winter. Make sure to check your furnace filter each month to make sure it isn’t dirty. A dirty filter will effect your furnace’s efficiency. You need to replace your filter whenever it is dirty.

Save on Energy Costs inograph

Holland Heating and Cooling will help keep you and your family warm this winter. If you have any questions regarding how to save on energy costs or our energy rebates, click here, or call us at 810-653-HEAT!

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