To maximize efficiency and home comfort while lowering your energy costs, here are a few tips that will help you know when to call a professional HVAC contractor to replace your existing furnace, air conditioning system, heat pump, or other heating and cooling equipment or to service your existing equipment.

If you heat pump or air conditioner is more than 12 years old or your furnace is 

more than 15 years old, consider replacing them with an Energy Star qualified furnace, heat pump or air conditioner.  New Energy Star qualified heat pumps and air conditioners are up to 20% more efficient than older units when installed correctly, and Energy Star furnaces are up to 15% more efficient than conventional units.

If you have uneven heating and cooling, you may have leaky ducts or a duct system that is incorrectly sized for your home. Have the system inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor such as Holland Heating and Cooling? Sealing your duct system can save you up to 15% in energy costs and an improperly sized duct system decreases the efficiency of your equipment.

If your system has difficulty controlling the humidity, it may be due to leaky ducts or there may be a problem with your air conditioning system.  An oversized or improperly charged system will reduce its dehumidification capacity.  If local conditions are simply too humid for your system to handle, consider installing a whole house dehumidifier.

Frequent repairs and climbing energy bills are further indications that your system may be on its last legs.  Rather than throwing good money after bad, talk to your HVAC technician about an HVAC system replacement.  Installing a new energy efficient system in your home will improve your comfort while providing years of energy savings.

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