Heating Repair

Having your furnace breakdown during winter is a nightmare that homeowners do not want to deal with. Chances are before your heating system breaks, there are usually warning signs that a repair could be in your unit’s future. It’s better to be aware of the signs and symptoms of heating repairs more than dealing with a system breakdown.

So what are some common signs that a repair is needed? Check out our list below.

  1. Your furnace is making loud and crazy noises
  • All HVAC systems make some noise. A furnace that is working well should be relatively quiet. If you notice that your furnace is starting to get louder well it’s running, this could be a sign that you need a repair. Listen for banging or clanking sounding noises. These noises are definite signs that something is going wrong
  1. Your electric bill is higher than normal
  • One of the first signs that your furnace could need a repair is that your electricity bill is unusually high. This means that your heating system is not running efficiently and it’s running more to keep up with the temperature. If your bill increases dramatically, this is a warning sign that your system is not running efficiently and is in need of heating repairs.
  1. What color is your pilot light?
  • Your pilot light should be blue in color. According to certified HVAC technicians, a properly working furnace’s pilot light should be blue. If your pilot light is yellow, orange, or red this means you could be in need of a furnace repair. Colors of the pilot light represent many things, but if the color is off, it means that pollutants could be escaping into your home and is reducing the efficiency of your furnace.
  1. Bad air quality
  • Have members of your family recently come down with a respiratory illness or even asthma? Does the air in your home seem dusty even though it’s clean? These could be major signs that the air quality in your home is bad. If your furnace isn’t working properly, dust and allergens could be circulating throughout your home making you sick. So, the simple solution to this problem is to change your furnace filter. If that doesn’t fix the problem you need to call a trained HVAC technician at Holland Heating and Cooling.

heating repairs

If you notice some of these warning signs happening with your home’s heating system, it’s important to call a local heating company to come out to take a look at your unit. It’s better to get your system looked at now than waiting for the system to not function in the middle of winter. If you have any questions regarding heating repairs or the signs that your heating system may need a repair in the future, call Holland Heating and Cooling at 810-653-HEAT.

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