A waste oil furnace uses waste oil for fuel. Not intended as a pun, the waste oil furnace was invented by an American, Ben Smoker, back in the eighties. Since his first simple, and rather inefficient furnace, it has evolved into an efficient means to heat a home, shop, or business. The waste oil furnace eliminates the high cost of a fuel source such as propane and natural gas. If there is used oil available, it’s free heating. It eliminates the burden and cost of waste oil removal and is an ideal way to recycle the waste oil.

Where can waste oil be found?

Using waste oil is why this type of furnace is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and other countries with a long harsh winter. It’s not only so much cheaper than other sources for heating but in the industrialized nations in North America and Europe, the manufacturing centers are near water supplies and fresh water. There is much waste oil at such location, so what better way to cope with it than to simply recycle, and burn it as a fuel for furnaces during the cold weather? You can find this fuel at many factories, and businesses that deal with auto maintenance. Local machine shops will have waste oil stored, and will be happy to sell it at a cheap price. Loading docks, also, will sell entire drums waste oil to you cheaply.

The waste oil furnace is dependable

Waste oil furnaces are safe, providing clean-burning heat, and are beneficial to our environment in that they consume used oil that otherwise would only be a pollutant. Among manufacturers, there are many sizes to heat any commercial building. Models range from 150k to 500 BTU per hour in heating capacity. Due to extreme heat from the constant fire, their heater housing is usually made of rust-resistant high-grade stainless steel, an attractive metal. The waste oil furnace must be dependable to operate efficiently and for long periods during winter weather. This type of furnace is used typically by a business or manufacturer. If the burner goes out, then employees and equipment will suffer, affecting the health of the employees and the profits of the enterprise. This furnace is simple in design, and its burner is not as likely to go out on you during the winter. Long warranties are provided to ensure the long life of the furnace system. Many high-efficiency oil furnace companies are international and have international voltage capability.

Waste oil boiler

The waste oil furnace manufacturer often offers another type of heater called a waste oil boiler. It has a size range available from about 100k to 500k BTU per hour, also. The boiler is made of cast iron, so the unit is heavy. However, it heats as well as the waste oil furnace with a clean burn from the fire.


Although the cost for a waste oil furnace is about the same as the typical furnace, with the use of waste oil, your monthly utility costs will drastically drop. Using your waste oil furnace is green energy, in that its use is environmentally friendly. For More Info, Call Us Today (810) 653-4328!

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